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Gmx 450

gmx 450

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The secant ogive is said to combine the most ballistically efficient nose profile with the optimum bearing surface.

The benefits include lower drag, increased stability, flatter trajectory and excellent accuracy. Theory aside, over big game hunting ranges, I have never been able to see any difference between the performance of a Hornady SP and a standard spitzer bullet.

The shapes are similar and both work well. Like all Hornady jacketed bullets, InterLocks are made with tapered, gilding metal jackets.

The jacket nose is longitudinally grooved inside to aid symmetrical expansion. The bullet core is one-piece made of lead alloy and the lead tip is exposed.

The core and jacket are manually locked together by means of a crimping cannelure around the middle of the bullet and an interior "Interlock" ridge near the base of the bullet.

This system provides benefits similar to the equally famous Remington Core-Lokt bullet design. I consider the InterLock an improved soft point bullet.

InterLocks have a long record of good performance in the field and seldom slip their core after impact.

I have used them for a long time in various calibers with great satisfaction in terms of both accuracy and terminal performance.

Introduced in in response to the popularity of the Nosler Ballistic Tip, it is a very low drag bullet with a high ballistic coefficient BC. The pointed polymer tip increases BC and initiates rapid expansion on impact.

SST is one of the best long range bullets on the market. Accuracy is usually excellent. Available in calibers from. All InterBond bullets have a red polymer tip and a boat-tail.

The absence of a cannelure is because this is not an InterLock bullet; there is no mechanical locking of core in jacket. Instead, the lead alloy core is permanently bonded to a heavy, gilding metal jacket.

This jacket thickens internally in a manner somewhat similar to the Remington Core-Lokt to control expansion. They are a good choice for mixed bag hunts.

As I said, InterBond is a premium priced bullet! Externally, they resemble SST bullets, with a Spire Point, red synthetic tip and a crimping cannelure.

FTX uses a one-piece lead alloy core and a tapered gilding metal jacket with a heavy base, but lacks an InterLock ring. The Spire Point shape gives FTX bullets a much higher BC than flat point bullets and makes these the flattest shooting bullets ever made for tubular magazine rifles.

They are very accurate bullets, comparable to SST in my experience. FTX bullets are produced in diameters and weights specifically for the popular cartridges for which tubular magazine lever action rifles are chambered.

Use FTX bullets for the same game animals you would normally hunt with flat point bullets. If you are a lever action fan, as I am, these are the bullets of choice.

The MSRP for of the grain. This is a monolithic, gilding metal bullet with a large internal nose cavity, SST external profile and a red plastic tip to initiate expansion and raise the BC.

They tend to be light to medium weight for caliber. There are two cannelures for crimping and to reduce copper fouling. Like all monolithic hunting bullets, GMX expands best at high impact velocities.

The minimum recommended impact velocity is fps to initiate expansion and maximum recommended impact velocity is fps.

Judging by photos in the Hornady catalog, fps produces good expansion. External ballistics are essentially identical to equivalent SST bullets.

I am not a fan of monolithic bullets, except for special purposes. They perform best when fired at very high velocity and are particularly inefficient at the lower impact velocities delivered by many of my favorite standard cartridges.

Although available in calibers and weights suitable for CXP2 game, GMX bullets are more appropriate for the toughest CXP3 game, where the projectile must penetrate thick hide and heavy bones.

Monolithic bullets have become popular primarily because of intrusive and misguided government regulations.

Like others of its type, the GMX is an expensive bullet. For comparison, a premium. MonoFlex is intended for use in lever action rifles with tubular magazines.

They look like a GMX, including the secant ogive, aggressive boat-tail and double cannelures, but are designed to expand at somewhat lower velocity.

At this writing there are three MonoFlex bullets: The colour temperature of Kelvin makes it possible to create a nice and pleasant atmosphere, making it the right choice for your building!

The colour code, , does not only include the colour temperature, which has already been mentioned, but also the colour rendering, which is defined by the ability to make us distinguish all the colors of illuminated objects.

The colour rendering of this product is and therefore excellent for the usage of this product. You can find further specifications here:. Or contact us by e-mail , we will answer within 24 hours!

The production of this product has been discontinued from the manufacturer. At Any-Lamp we pride ourselves on having an extremely fast and reliable delivery service.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team! Want to order larger quantities?

We will contact you within one working day. You can find further specifications here: Need help or advice?

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